for Novice and amateur class series  

Elmsford Raceway Handicap Rules apply




*  13 year old and under.

*  Pay first before you use the track .

*  30 minutes free practice before the race, for entered  drivers only,  (not for mechanics or parents)

*  4 heats 3 minutes race, 2 minutes off

*  NO changing car during the entire race.  

*  Track call RED FLAG Situation: The power  will only be turned off for extremely unfair or dangerous situation. During track call, there will be absolutely no work performed on cars or lane preparation. Doing so, will result in a lap penalty or disqualification.

*  Concourse winner The overall appearance of the car must be clean and neat, no dents or cracks and completely legal.

*  Marshalling All drivers are expected to marshal, substitute is ok. Good racing is not possible without good marshals.

*  Un-sportsmanlike conduct on the part of the driver or turn marshal will result in disqualification.  Repeat offenders of any of the un-sportsmanlike conduct guidelines maybe prohibited from future events.





SEALED SUPER 16D MOTOR                                              BODIES

1.       PARMA #502                                            1. any body

                                                                      2. numbers, front and both side

                                                                      3. driver



FLEXI chassis                                                                         TIRES

1.  champion       5. cannot be modified                    1. .790, .825, 13/16

2.  pro-slot          6. may use aluminum pan              2. 1/8 OR 3/32 axle

3.  parma            7. may use ball  bearing                  3. may use tire glue to add traction 

4   JK                  8. 1/2 or 5/8 front wheels              4. may use masking tape to remove the dirt



CONTROLLER                       GEAR

any controller                            Plastic or metal, 48 or 64 pitch




first place          - 10 pts             fourth place       - 5 pts             seventh place    - 2 pts         attendance      - 1 pt

second place     - 8   pts             fifth  place        - 4 pts               eight place        - 1 pts         concourse      - 2 pts

third place         - 6   pts             sixth place         - 3 pts              





Race Director


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