Friday Night Racer Android work

updated 06/03/12

I'm starting to develop some things for Android 2.0.  I'll let you know how it goes.



Dec 17: Purchased Exchange for Andriod 2.0 from NitroDesk after a long trial.  Full HTML e-mail support, which is better than the plain text that came with the standard email app.  Setup was pretty painless.  At $19.99 it's a great buy - and I expensed it.

Dec 12: update to 2.0.1 smooth.

Dec 7: got a real book on Android programming.  Reading a good book on programming in whatever language/platform is a good refresher of good things to do.

Nov 6th: Well I got the Verizon Droid the day it dropped, before 11AM.  It is amazing, with real satellite GPS.  It connected to my work e-mail exchange server in about 2 minutes and got all my contacts.  The navigation was touchy only 1 of the 5 times i've used it, trouble finding satellites, and giving turn commands too late - but it got me where i needed to go on time.  Uploaded photos to FaceBook no problem.  Took a video, it was 3 minutes and Droid wanted Wi-Fi to upload it, but got network errors...

October 2009.  Right now I'm having trouble getting Eclipse set up.  Something about the VM.

Error occurred during initialization of VM
Could not reserve enough space for object heap

I tried reducing the amount of things in my system environment variables (the cause of heap errors in an old make program, but no change.

I'm running Sun Java version 6 update 15, on 32 bit windows XP Pro.  I think I'll try it on a clean XP home machine.  my XP Pro machine has 5 years of developer stuff on it.

OK, got this worked out, needed to change the amount of memory used for the VM (apparently it needs a contiguous block of memory).  Got it to work by changing -Xmx512m to -Xmx256m in the eclipse.ini. I'll have to experiment if I can get it bigger than 256m.