Gr-20 wing cars

Body:  Wing body

Chassis:  Any box stock chassis. 

Axles:  3/32 axles only, must be drill blank axle with or without flat spots, hollow axles are prohibited.  Axle bearings are permitted.

Gears:  64 pitch gears and pinions only.  Steel or plastic gears are permitted.

Tires:  .750 minimum at time of tech, front wheels must be present to pass tech.


Set-up: Must be a production C-can available as OEM* or production motors (per general motor rules). Cans may not be modified in any way, except to be re-sized to OEM specs & bushing holes may be enlarged for bushing alignment. Bushings may be soldered in place. Cans may not be split and re-welded. The OEM* factory weld must remain intact. The OEM factory weld must be visible. Ball bearings prohibited.

Any C-can production endbell may be used. The endbell may not be modified in any way (no grinding, shortening, lightening, or venting). Any production hardware that bolts into the original mounting hole may be used.

Any production magnet may be used. Quad magnets may be used.  Six mags are prohibited. After-market magnets are not allowed. Magnets may be shimmed and epoxied in place. Magnets may be honed. Set-up may not contain Rare Earth materials.

Any production brushes and brush springs may be used. Shunt wire is prohibited.

Armature: Any production Grp-20 armature may be use. Must be 38 turns machine wound in series 27-gauge wire (.0141 min. and .0143 max wire size). Stack dimensions are .510 min. diameter & .440 min. length. Armature must be tagged by the manufacture to be identified as a gp 20 arm and be available through standard distribution channels.



This rules page was last updated 12/07/08