June 28, 2009 at Danbury Raceway

This was the first Race in FridayNightRacer.com summer travelling race series.

The hosts Pete and Pat at Danbury Raceway opened for us and ran a super race with great behind the counter support.

Thanks to the race organizer that made it all happen:

Lineup at start: Everyone got the new FridayNightRacer.com car and box stickers, thanks everyone for putting them on all the cars!

There was excitement even before the race started:

Video is best viewed in full screen, high quality mode. See FridayNightRacer on youTube for more videos.

first heat

7th heat

Last heat


open S16D Results:
1 Anthony P.
2 Christian D.
3 Lucas B.
4 Mike D.
5 Chris D.
6 Jimmy M.
7 Isaac W.
8 Robby D.


Happy Friday Night Racers:

Besides racing there was lots of playing:

We also had a box stock group car race

Box Stock Group 12/20 Results:
1 Christian D.
2 Lucas B.
3 Jimmy M.
4 Isaac W.

Remember, keep it in the...............slot

Our custom built scale NASCAR looks just like the real one:

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