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Welcome to Friday Night Racer dot com!

October 24, 2010 Party Time!

August 19th 2010,  OK, I know I'm behind on results.  We had awards night but not enough racers for the usual Friday Night wing car races.  We have been having all ages GTP races.  I got to write now about the link I got from papponni Slot Cars on Facebook, it is from slotcartv on youTubeWARNING: for mature racers only.

Welcome new racers, see the latest results...

#24 Wins FNR - FCR Stock Car race by seconds

Latest NEWS:

I'm putting new things at the top so you don't have to look all around to find the new stuff.  Please browse anyway though.

NASCAR what a weekend, did you see that car (intentionally? I think so) spin the other, that then got airborne and nearly hit the fence?

Start of new Spring series.

Awards from Fall/Winter series.

Report from the February 2 hour endurance race.

Race results from other Elmsford series (Thursday night).

This site is devoted to amateur 1:24 scale slot car racing. We race super 16D wing slot cars on Friday nights (hence the name).  We race sealed S16D GTP slot cars on Thursday Night.  We sometimes race drag slot cars on Saturday nights (but we get tired when the race goes after midnight).  There is one endurance slot car race coming up, see special race results.

Lately we have been getting into scratchbuilt slot cars and this thing called retro racing.  This combines the experience of creating your own models (like with slot car drags) and the longer races of circuit racing.  I think I'm going to rearrange things here to a) consolidate the different links I find with pictures, and b) better show off the slot cars we are working on.

One of our latest custom slot car is the second UDO.  We have finished up on a retro Can-Am car and I'm making chassis for the new NASCAR 1:24 plastic cars which will be offered for sale.

We custom make circuit slot cars and slot drag cars Quality motor maintenance and rebuilds are also available at reasonable rates. 

We are now offering custom slot car building services and have an online store, as a separate site.  The main site strives to be unbiased and non-commericial.

Please note that this is not a 'static' site.  It is being added to often - with slot car photos, slot car links and race results.  Most pages have a modified date at the top or bottom.  When it stops changing, I'll note it here. transparent car and box stickers are now available at no charge.  Just go to the Feedback form and request them!

See FridayNightRacer on youtube.  Make sure you change the view to full screen and High Quality, video was taken at 30fps to capture the fast motion of the slot cars. Thanks to youtube for hosting the big video files!

Stay tuned for a new link to the new fuzzcreachers site.

Follow this link to the Friday Night Racer Online Slot Car Store for the hardbody NASCAR slot cars that you will not find anywhere else.


 Friday Night Racer Android pages are here.  So, if having a slot car web site is not geeky enough, I'm getting into programming apps for my new Droid phone running the Android operating system.



Formula 1 racing returns to USA and North America for 2010.  OK, this dream is dead for the 2010 season.  Was is inept management?  Will FIA allow delay and is 2011 even a remote possibly?

Will US based Cypher Group succeed in F1 bid for 2011?  They seem committed and they answered my e-mail offering composites manufacturing assistance.  That is a good start!  We will be following the rumors...

July, 2010:

FCR NASCAR races continue on Friday nights.

June, 2010:

Friday Night Racers on the road for Saturday race at Danbury Raceway on the 20th.

March, 2010:

Some of the guys went to the New England Championship Cup race at Danbury Raceway on the 20th.

  Results have not been posted yet.  It was a beautiful day with record breaking warm temperatures, we went snowboarding.

February, 2010:

Report from the February 12th endurance race.

New race series starts February 18 for Thursday Night Racers and February 19th for Friday Night Racers.

January, 2010:

28th: Pinewood derby cars - made from the Cub Scout Kit, block of wood, 4 wheels and 4 nails:


Our Superbird:

Mike's Batmobile - with removable Lego figures:



Woah, sorry for the delay, trying to extend the holidays past the 12 days of Christmas (actually, my holidays always go for 14 days after Christmas).  Anyway, I've updated the Friday Night Race results through Jan 15.  Isaac's Slot News has been updated.

December, 2009:

  B.C. came to the track on the 11th and got video from lots of places.  He is good at editing and made this great vid - short and exciting, with a great crash at the end.

A.P. brought in his new FCR car and we raced it against our Lamborghini.


  We cashed in a bunch of gift certificates, got mostly paint and bodies.  So we just painted and winged a new body for Friday night races.  It looks really great with silver flake on top of metallic black.

  20% off ALL  Isaac Car Co. Cars!

                                                             (like this one)

I helped Elmsford Raceway with their website.

November, 2009:  We got to race on a NASCAR tri-oval at Danbury Raceway.  Our tires were dusty and dry so it was a challenge staying on.  Lots of fun.  Also a different experience running on a hill-climb with donut, everyone talks about them but this was our first experience.

I took video with my new Droid phone, very good but it gets errors uploading directly from phone to youTube.  It was a close group class race between the Group 12. Group 20s and Group 7.

 Friday the 13th S16D slot car race



NEW RULES POSTED for Friday Night Races: Sealed Parma Rules.  Compare with OLD Rules - only change is Parma 502 sealed motor.  Cars with open S16D motors get 5 lap penalty.  Please note that Thursday night racers have been getting lap times of 6.8s with 502 motors and GTP bodies.  This new rule makes it more about the driver than the motor modifying, and makes it easier for new racers to join the group.  May the best driver win!


October 17, 2009: the new Friday Night Racer Online Slot Car Store is now accepting payPal payments.

  Friday Night Racing: new series started Sep 25th.  Awards night for the summer series was October 9th, see Friday Night Race Results from the previous series.


September 2009, Nuvolari Repairs, performance update for one of the oldest slot car tracks in the USA. Apparently there is an HO version of the Nuvolari track in Massachusetts.

While the paint was drying on Nuvo, the Friday Night Racers got special hardbody NASCAR slot cars and had an exciting race on the Hawthorne figure eight. These cars are available in the online store, see advertisements for details.


September 2009, ONE YEAR OF, thank you for over 1300 home page views, (even more views of many of the other pages), over 2000 youTube views (FridayNightRacer channel).  And introducing the new Friday Night Racer Online Slot Car Store, with special items not available at your local track. Please note that we really believe that everyone's local track stays in business through retail sales, please, please shop at the store at your local slot car track so they will be there in the future for all of us to enjoy.  If they do not have what you need in stock, ask them to order it, they can usually get it faster than internet stores, and you save shipping.  Most of the standard parts used in the special items at the Friday Night Racer online slot car store are purchased directly from our local commercial tracks.

I'm working on a police car to chase all those speeders.  Photos in the custom cars page when I get the driver complete.

Our newest retro CanAm slot car:

  First raced July 30, 2009, more photos of the chassis (built from an R-Geo Samurai kit, with driver by John M.) will be posted in August.



New May 1 slot car videos: final Expert Group race (be sure to watch in HQ) and raceway antics.

Thursday night race GTP slot car series is underway, see Thursday Night Race Results.  Weekly results are not being posted because no one really cares.

IMPORTANT: NEW Rules are in effect for the Friday night S16D series.  Please familiarize yourself with them!  There will be group car races for expert racers up to 18 years old that have qualified in past series.  Here are the Draft Group Rules.

  Photos from the Jan 25, 2009 Retro East event are now posted on the special page for this race.  We also have video that is on youTube.  I am also adding photos from September retro race.

Hey, Big News:  I just got word [Sat, 12/20/08] from Jim Difalco that he is coming out with a new 30 band controller design.  Three different styles of plug in resistors allow tuning each band.  More information and pictures are on the Difalco site (see below for link).  Upgrade kits are now available.  Service upgrades for older DiFalco slot car controllers will be available.

Jan 23, I got the upgrade module, I'll let you know how well the upgrade works.


May 3, 2009 -- Dorf Goes Racing loves the new 30 band Difalco controller - "handles better in curves".



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