September 11, 2009 at Elmsford Raceway

Never Forget those families, friends and world citizens who were affected by the tragedy of September 11, 2001.  I'll not dwell on it here, but I ask anyone who reads this to say a prayer to your God for healing and respect.

There was a special Friday Night Race while the paint was drying on the newly repaired Nuvolari.

It all started with us and our hardbody cars.  Erwin slotted the blue tractor trailer about a year ago, we got one and there is another one available.

We brought four of the new FridayNightRacer stock cars on the 4.5" Parma FCR chassis to the raceway.  Since there was one for each racer, we had a 250 lap NASCAR style race.

Thanks to the race director that made it all happen.

Lineup at start:


These are really great slot cars specially constructed by and available at the online store.


Video is best viewed in full screen, high quality mode. See FridayNightRacer on youTube for more videos.


This was really a great, super fun race.  It was especially great because all the cars were exactly the same.  Same hard NASCAR body, same Parma FCR (First Class Racing) chassis, with the same S16 #501 Death Star motor, same gearing, same tires.  Lucas had the best lane on white, he would tip up on two wheels, and fall back in the slot - he even did a barrel roll and landed back in the slot!.

Remember, keep it in the...............slot


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