2 Hour Endurance Race, February 12, 2010 at Elmsford Raceway

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This report is not finished yet, I'm posting it now so what I have is out there.  Check back tomorrow for the rest of the report.


Old friends came out to watch, eat pizza, and help out.  Thanks and loud shouts go out to Alfred, Shawn and Brandon, Steve, and all the family that attended.

Even the practice beforehand was intense.

Six of the eight racers were there at the scheduled start time, and they got in a group photo.

We are lined up to start, but still waiting for one racer.

Concours Winners

Car Photos before, and after

cars and bodies take a beating during 2 solid hours of racing.  There was no breaks for maintenance, all repairs had to be done during driving time.

Due to the multi-layer paint job, this body was cracking before the race even started. It got taped on the inside, but there was no bullet-proofing and the sides started tearing by the body pins.  Scotch tape was not enough for an endurance race, strapping tape got the car through to the end - except for the driver?. Car was fast with 3:1 gearing and 13/16" rear tires, but never handled so well on the flat turns.  Left wheel fell off 2 times, then right wheel, then left wheel again.  No gear problems.  But in the final heat a smashed rear end required another tire replacement and lots of work with pliers to get the axle spinning again - even so the axle was not straight and the lap times suffered even more.  Should have run the other car.

Another car that had multiple mechanical issues.  Three gear changes, broken axle, bent chassis with oilites blown out, and one pair of tires. (LB)

The concours winner suffered the most visible damage, just like last year.  May I suggest washing the inside of the body before painting - it helps the paint to stick.  I really shouldn't talk, the car took concours, and the race by 44 laps.  Perhaps this proves that front wheels just get in the way...

A good car and drivers who just did not make it this time. 4 gear changes were only part of the problems that plagued this team. (AP)

Not a regular Friday Night Racer, but a real competitor.  I hope to see this team again.

I have to love this car, ready for competition and took second.  Only one gear change, which is a surprise for such a well built car.

Most improved continues to improve.  2 Gear changes and 1 broken axle during driving time cost laps.  48 pitch plastic gears at 3:1 can run very smooth but for overall reliability in endurance race you have to go with metal 64 pitch gears.

This beautiful car was too late for the concours judging, but it made it through the race and took third place.

And the Winners are...

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

First Concours

Second Concours

Third Concours

Detailed Results:

Team: heat 1 heat 2 heat 3 heat 4 Best Time total laps
DeSantis       210 7.291 847
Desario       209 7.240 803
Molloy       197 3.963 (rider) 788
Evans       182 7.687 699
Barusek       154 4.112 (rider) 698
Hansen       181 7.517 641
Wynn       114 8.299 579
Pires       161 7.641 560

Thanks Erwin for being a great race director

See YOU at the next race!!!!!

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