Quality Motor Repairs

Our motor guy builds and rebuilds the best C and D can motors available.  Simply put, with the right driver, they break track records.  Remember, in circuit racing, is all about the driver, not the car.  The Group 20 motor he just did for us totally screams.  He also has lots of experience making drag cars go their fastest.  Contact him at motors@fridaynightracer.com.  Please note that return shipping is not included in the price quotes.


Motor Services


C&D Can only


Standard reconditioning: $15.00

        Armatures cleaned, stacks re-dyed  comm diamond trued, shaft polished

        Can cleaned, magnets zapped & reassembled

        Repairs & parts extra


Complete motor reconditioning: $22.00

        Includes standard reconditioning

        Setup & endbell blueprinted, realigned

        New brushes, springs

        If needed, oilites & BB replaced (additional charge)


New motors built & blueprinted: contact motors@fridaynightracer.com


Comm. cut             $2.00

Magnet zapping     $2.00

Magnet honing       $5.00 (per pass)

Gauss reading        $1.00

Armature resistance readings available


Broken magnets replaced & epoxied: contact motors@fridaynightracer.com

Chassis blueprinting & repairs: contact motors@fridaynightracer.com


Total car rebuilds & reconditioning: contact motors@fridaynightracer.com

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