Friday Night Races are for novice and amateur racers under 14 years old (S16D), or expert racers up to 18 (group cars).  There are four 3 minute heats for each racer.  Points are assigned for places in finish.  S16D Cars are Flexi type chassis, Parma S16D (#502) motor, any body (most of us use wing bodies), see rules.  The track is very difficult as all but one of the 6 turns are completely flat - the other is a 60 bank.  It is not the fastest car, but the best driver that wins.               Go To Home Page

  Friday Night Racing: new series started July 23rd (maybe), see below for results. Sealed motor Rules.

The Spring, 2010 Awards Night has not yet happened yet, but the results are at the top of the results page for spring series.

Thanks to our fantastic race director --> Points are shown in ().

I know it is spelled wrongJuly 23, 2010

Sealed S16D:

1st:Lucas (38)

2nd: Isaac and Sean (27)

3rd:  Drew (23)

4th: James (16)

5th:  Hudson (13)

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